Reader Disclaimer

Let me start by saying that this is all in fun. This page was created as a way for me to vent and share the kind of stories that you just can't make up. Everything I write is 100% 'Real Talk' or based solely on my own personal opinions or recollections of events. While I do enjoy a good f-bomb, that's not ALL that I'm a bout. I'm a hard working professional, a mother to 3 of God's greatest creations, and I've got the house and dog to round the story out. THOSE are what's important to me. THIS is just a way to escape. I myself enjoy reading comical tellings of other peoples horrific events, and after being told over and over that I should write, I decided to give it a go. 

**I warn you, the reader THIS -

If we know each other personally, and you do stupid shit, I WILL write about you! I will change your name for privacy reasons, but if you don't wish to know how I REALLY feel about you, stop reading NOW!

**I also warn you THIS - 

Judge all you want. Everybody does it. The issue? You don't really know me, only a microscopic view that I'm showing you. If you choose to judge me based on my stories or opinions, I hope you have the decency to look in the mirror and offer yourself the same. You all think the things I do. I'm just ballsy enough to say it. So don't hate. And if you do, at least post my links with it so that I get some free publicity out of the deal. 

Peace Out Girl Scout, 


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