Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Help me help you!

So, I've decided that this shall be the STARTING POINT  for my 'image'. You know, because image is everything and junk. However, I'm neither artistic or techy. Let's be honest - I have several "assets" and those are not on the list. Linguistic Ninja? Now I've got that covered yo! 

Back on track... Please help me! Send me some pics, images and what have you. Anything you've found that isn't copywrited, (won't get my ass sued) or something that you come up with yourself. *I give credit where credit is due FYI* 

It'd be pretty ass-tastic of you! Just Sayin! 

Also, I could all kinds of use help with a blog layout that doesn't suck. Background, header, blah blah blah. This shit's hard and I'm busy living the kind of life that brings comic relief to YOUR life. 

You can email me at

Yes, I know that's a stupid email, but I had to choose something related but they were all already taken. And, likely pale in comparison to the rainbows I shit. Again, just sayin!

**Update - Thanks to Must Love Fangs for being an artistic ninja, and coming up with my new, awesome logo! 

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